Why Buy Vinyl?

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September 15, 2013
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Why Buy Vinyl?

When buying a fence, you’ll need to decide what kind of fencing material you want. There are many factors to consider. What’s in your budget? Is privacy important? Which style appeals to you? Once you have answered a few basic questions, you’ll be ready to consider each type of fence. Here are some reasons you may want to install a vinyl fence rather than wood or Trex composite fencing.

Why Not Wood?

In short, wood fencing requires a lot of maintenance. How many times have you been driving and noticed a wooden fence with permanent marks made by sprinklers? It doesn’t look good, and it’s hard to stop wood from weathering when it’s constantly barraged with water. A brand new wooden fence may look nice, but too soon the wood turns gray, and can even begin to rot. Without continual repainting and re-staining, wood will need to be replaced within about 10 years of installation. If not, it will look old, faded, and gray. Wood fences can also house many insects, including termites, wasps, and other pests. Wood is soft enough for these creatures to eat it away and make a home there. Do you want these vermin living in your fence?

Why Not Trex?

Trex is a composite material often used as an alternative to wood for decks, fences and playground equipment. It is made from recycled plastics. Trex is popular because it doesn’t have any of the aforementioned problems that wood has. The main problem with Trex is the cost. This fencing material offers many of the same benefits of vinyl for many times the price.

Try Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is maintenance-free once installed. You will never have to stain, paint or seal a vinyl fence. It wipes cleans with a cloth and water, or you can simply spray any dirt off it with a hose. It comes in many colors and several distinct styles. Vinyl fences are well-respected, and offer privacy without either the extreme cost of Trex or the constant maintenance of wood. Vinyl is a solid, lasting fencing choice.

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