What Your Fence Says About You

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August 17, 2013
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October 14, 2013
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What Your Fence Says About You

Choosing to fence in your yard or business is a wise decision. There are many reasons you might want to put up a fence. Perhaps you live on a busy street, or have close neighbors, or have invested a lot of money into equipment for your business. Each of these is a legitimate reason to hire a professional fencing company to enclose and protect your home, yard or business. But what does the type of fence you choose say about you?

Chain link: A Sensible Choice

Choosing chain link says that you’re no-nonsense. This affordable fencing option comes with no frills attached, just reliable, low-maintenance protection for your home or business. A chain link fence in your front or back yard may say that you have children or pets that you want to contain and protect. Or it could just mean that you value your property and have a desire to keep it secure. Whatever the case, chain link fencing is an excellent choice for the protection of your yard or place of business.

Vinyl: Privacy, Please!

If you choose a solid vinyl fence, you are probably a person who values your privacy. If you have a small yard close to your neighbors, a vinyl fence is the perfect way to define your space and find an oasis of privacy, even in a small suburban neighborhood. The privacy of a vinyl fence is also perfect for hiding unsightly items, like garbage cans, dumpsters, or mechanical boxes. A vinyl fence also tells the world that you don’t want needless extra work. After all, who does? Choosing a vinyl fence shows that you understand the benefits of this maintenance-free, easy-to-clean fencing option.

Ornamental Ironwork: Class and Sophistication

An ironwork fence, especially one with a lot of ornamentation, quietly denotes your class, style and sophistication. It speaks of classical taste and refinement, while at the same time offering serious protection for your home or business. Nothing short of a bulldozer is going to make its way through an ironwork fence. These fences add distinction to your home, and make any office, storefront or manufactory seem that much more professional.

Whether you choose an ironwork, vinyl or chain link fence for your Salt Lake City home or business, choose United Fence Co. to install it for you. Choosing us tells the neighborhood and the world that you understand the value of your time and money, and that you’ll settle for nothing short of the best.