Chain Link Fence Services in Salt Lake City

From a practical perspective, chain link has always been the best option for fencing. Chain link fencing provides durability, utility, and security at a very affordable cost.

Unmatched Quality Chain Link Fence

10-year-warrantyAt United Fence Co., we offer high-grade chain link fence in Salt Lake City. The fences we provide are durable and strong. During the manufacturing process, we take quality assurance steps to make sure the fencing can resist elements like rust and wear and tear. Our fencing has high resistance to wind as well and can even withstand hurricanes and cyclones.

Because we want to provide clients with the added satisfaction and guarantee, we give a ten-year warranty on parts and labor for every chain link fence we install. But of course, no chain link fence is perfect, which is why also offer professional chain link fence repair in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our experience, expertise, and wide connections mean that we’re always complete with spare parts and materials for all your repair needs.

Chain Link Privacy Options

We understand that chain links provide minimal privacy for spaces. That’s why we offer privacy slats as well that can provide full or partial privacy, depending on the client requirements. We also offer a variety of colors for our privacy slats—white, tan, red brick, you name it.

Our other chain link fence essentials include our residential and commercial gates. We have a variety of styles, from swinging gates to sliding gates, as well as a variety of latch options so you can customize the gate to your requirements.

No other fence specialists in Salt Lake City can provide chain link fencing as durable as what we have at United Fence Co. Work with us and get the quality fencing and professional service you deserve.