Chain Link Fence Repair Services in Salt Lake City

chain-link-fence-repairWhile all purchases of chain link fence from us come with a ten year warranty, we also offer professional chain link fence repair in Salt Lake City. Our experience in sourcing and installing high quality chain link fencing means that we’re always complete with spare parts and materials for your maintenance needs.

When a tree limb falls on your property, you can bet it’s going to damage something. And if that “something” happens to be a chain link fence, consider yourself lucky, because fixing a chain link fence is much more affordable to repair than other fence types. Chain link fences are arguably one of the most common fence types used in both residential and commercial properties throughout Salt Lake City. Despite its rather flimsy and simple appearance, it is surprisingly durable and its high resistance to wind is the reason why it is often called hurricane or cyclone fencing.

United Fence Co. is the company you can trust when it comes to high quality chain link fence repair in Utah. Whether you need a new fence for your property or just need some spare materials for your repair and maintenance, you can be sure that you get quality fencing and professional service when you work with us.