Reasons Behind Vinyl Fencing’s Growing Popularity

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Reasons Behind Vinyl Fencing’s Growing Popularity

reasons vinyl fencing popularity

We have a number of fencing materials available for installation at United Fence Co., but easily the most popular for new fences today is vinyl material. Vinyl fencing has easily outpaced items like the wood fence or chain link fence in terms of its sale numbers, particularly in Utah, where a variety of environmental factors often make it the clear choice for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Why is vinyl so increasingly popular, not just among Utahns but around the country? There are a few major reasons on both the visual and practical side of things – let’s take a look at some of the most prominent areas, and why you might be best served choosing vinyl when it comes time to select a new fence option.

Lightness Plus Durability

Perhaps the primary reason behind the popularity of vinyl fence options is the durability they bring. Our vinyl fences are made of Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, an incredibly durable material that has a sky-high weatherability.

It’s not just durability that stands out, though – it’s durability without a crazy weight concern. Vinyl is far less likely to break down or fall apart than other heavier formats like wood, which can also wear out far more easily. The only time you’d ever need to replace a vinyl fence would be if you or someone else actively broke it – wear and tear generally isn’t an issue with this material.

Cost Effectiveness

Vinyl has also surpassed wood as a fencing material in large part due to cost considerations. Wood and especially iron options tend to be costlier, both for the upfront cost and in the long run – they also require more maintenance, as we’ll go over in our next section, which increases the money you spend over time.

Simple Maintenance

As we noted, maintenance concerns are fewer and further between for vinyl fencing. You never have to worry about things like repainting or adding primer like you would for a wood option. Rather, while you may have to do some simple cleaning after a storm or other weather event, there’s basically no maintenance required here. Vinyl has no concerns regarding insect presence or pest infestation, a situation that’s somewhat common with wood when moisture invades; it also has no rusting issues, which can happen with iron options under similar conditions.

For more on why vinyl is so popular, or to learn about fence installation or any of our fencing options, speak to the pros at United Fence Co. today.