Ideas for Personalizing and Accenting Your Fence

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November 25, 2018
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Ideas for Personalizing and Accenting Your Fence

ideas personalizing accenting fence

There are several important qualities a fence provides to your property, and one such qualities is known as curb appeal. A common buzzword in the real estate world, curb appeal refers to the aesthetic value of your home and the first impression it makes – not only is this important for your as a homeowner, it’s important if you’re considering selling in the future and want to raise the value you can get for the property.

At United Fence Co., we can install and work with every fence material out there, from chain link to vinyl fences and many others. We can also provide you with tips and expertise on customizing and personalizing your fence, both to improve home curb appeal and simply to enjoy your property that little bit more. Here are several ways you can go about accenting a fence.


Perhaps the most common form of fence decoration out there is a painting job, which can be both fun to take part in and a wonderful upgrade to a fence that had been growing dull or boring. You have a huge number of options here – you might want to just paint both sides a single color, or you might choose to whitewash one side while painting the other.

Some homeowners go the extra mile and utilize multiple colors for a great overall design. There’s basically nothing that’s off-limits too you here in terms of your creativity.


While some of them might be dormant during the winter period, involving various pieces of foliage creatively with your fence can be a great, affordable way to spruce things up a bit. Consider things like planter boxes or climbing ivy that will make plants a bit more vertical and infuse them with the fence. You may even consider installing something like a trellis here.


Why restrict the fence to providing aesthetic value only during daytime hours? Ensure your back yard and property are well lit – both for visual fence-related purposes and for several elements of safety and security.

One option we highly recommend on fences is fairy lights. These will promote your beautiful fence design, for one, but will also light up the yard and keep bugs away from you while you’re on the porch.

Bird or Bat Houses

You may not think bats are beneficial in the garden, but did you realize they’ll eat all the mosquitoes in your yard? They’ll also provide a guano that’s fantastic for your garden plants, and they can do so with a bird or bat house that keeps them out of the way. Birds provide more obvious visual and practical benefits, and these houses tend to work for them as well.

For more on ways to personalize and accent your fence, or to learn about any of our fence materials or installation services, speak to the pros at United Fence Co. today.